fiction uncovered

During Independent Booksellers Week, Fiction Uncovered 87.9 FM took to the airwaves and I had the pleasure of presenting a day of debate, panels and author interviews, the first day presented by Louise Doughty.

Some photos from the day are below and the podcasts shall be up soon at fictionuncovered.co.uk/radio.

We broadcast live from Foyles booksellers, whose Green Room has an impressive board filled with author autographs of those who have read at the store; spot the signatures in the background of the first photograph below!

Panel discussions including “Writing and the Online Space” (second photograph below; thanks @Teditor) and the “new gatekeepers” of fiction ignited plenty of lively debate and my interviewees included James Meek, Charlotte Mendelson, Gabriel Gbadamosi, and Francesca Segal.

Fiction Uncovered celebrates our best British fiction writers and a theme throughout the day was not only uncovering fiction but also how fiction itself has the power to uncover hidden realms of thought and emotion.

Browsing through the bookshop later, the beauty of the book as an aesthetic object is everywhere apparent, and the day also explored the ways in which the worldwide web might enhance – rather than detract from – their power.





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